Safety & Protection Systems

Fires are a serious businesses. Cable-rack and equipment fires could significantly impact communications and result in failure to deliver basic services to customers, ultimately slashing revenues., and cause immeasurable negative impact on consumer confidence. Due to the density of computer equipment and data in a computer room, the degree of potential damage that could occur from both a fire and conventional fire-extinguishing systems is unacceptable. Nasma has therefore carefully selected our product range and partners for Safety and Protection Systems, covering simple fire suppression to sophisticated fire prevention systems.

Fire Suppression

Nasma’s fire suppression solutions are designed on a fixed pipe and nozzle arrangement using a pre-engineered concept, providing protection for Class A, B and C type fires. NOVEC 1230 System - designed to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids., gases and electrical equipment. NOVEC 1230 extinguishes fires by a combination of physical and chemical means. It does not significantly deplete the oxygen content in the room and tests have shown it to be less toxic than Halon 1301.

FM200 System

is another Halon 1301 replacement agent with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) suitable for total flooding. Clean Agent HFC227ea System is an effective total flooding agent suitable for use on Class A surface burning fires, Class B flammable liquids.fires and fires on electrical equipment. On a weight of agent basis FM200 System is a very effective gaseous extinguishing agent. The FM200 System extinguishing concentration for normal heptane (cup burner method) is approximately 5.8% by volume. The minimum design concentration for total flooding applications is 7% in accordance with NFPA 2001.

Fire Prevention – preventing the ignition process

FirePASS (Fire Prevention and Suppression System) fire-preventative normobaric hypoxic environment provides the ultimate solution for the fire safety problem in computer rooms. FirePASS by providing effluent ventilation of the protected facility with hypoxic (oxygendepleted) air produced by FirePASS generators from ambient air. This creates a comfortable human-breathable atmosphere inside a facility, in which nothing can ignite or burn. This environment corresponds in partial pressure of oxygen to the altitude of 9,000’, is completely safe for people.

This environment can be used as an alternative, which enhances the conventional fire-safety means without interfering with their performance, or even providing synergistic fire-safety effect. There is no need to remove an existing sprinkler system from your premises, simply because it will never be activated. Physically preventing the ignition process, the FirePASS reduces risk (as well as the fire-extinguishment related damage risk) virtually to zero.