Power Management

Nasma’s power management solution includes

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS),
  • Power Distribution Racks (PDR) and
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)

These equipment provide optimal power distribution and protection from individual IT and telecom products to complex, integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms, telecom shelters and data centers up and running. We partner.with leading vendors such as Delta Power Systems and Ampole to provide clean and stable power while ensuring continuous operation in case of power failure as well as enabling maximum operating efficiency with the lowest cost. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Our UPS range of products include low-power single phase (10 kVA or less) all the way to integrated/modular high-capacity 3-phase systems (up to 3200 kVA). These solutions feature industry leading performance of up to 96 % AC-AC efficiency, input power factor > 0.99, output power factor of 0.9 and low iTHD <3%.

Power Distribution Racks (PDR)

For medium to large data centers, our Power Distribution Racks (PDR) provides optimal, space-saving solution that is easy to move and adapt to future reconfigurations. The PDR from both Rittal and Delta Power Systems offers superior power protection and monitoring, and the flexibility & scalability to match actual power distribution requirements, improving not only availability but also reducing initial capital.investment.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Nasma’s selection of manage, Metered, Switched and Basic PDUs fit into the standard rack cabinets and requires no tools, and while mounting brackets are provided to facilitate the installation in third-party rack cabinet. Both Rittal and Delta Power Systems units conserve valuable rack space, thanks to the Zero-U installation approach. Each PDU model allows either single or three phase input voltage. They are built with the same upgradeable firmware to keep them functioning at optimal levels, and integrate with DCIM software.

Data Center Electrical Works

NASMA is providing the following solution for the Data Center electrical cabling and containment systems

  • Electrical Cabling - Data Center Feed
  • Generator Set to Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel
  • Main Utility Room to ATS
  • Electrical Cabling - Inside Data Center
  • ATS Panel to Sub-Main Distribution Box (SMDB)
  • SMDB to non-IT load
  • SMDB to UPS
  • UPS to Load DB
  • Load DB to Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • All required electrical cable containment e.g. GI frames mounted under the Raised Flooring
  • All electrical cables installed on electrical cable containment
  • All electrical sockets to be fitted in cable tray with holder
  • All sockets installed within Data Center shall be industry standard and IP 65 rated
  • All existing power outlets above the Raised Floor will be relocated under it
  • Electrical Ground / Earth