Data Center Cabling

Optical Fiber and High-speed Copper Cabling Systems Often overlooked in many data center and SAN projects, the cabling inside the data center is a critical component in the successful delivery, operation and maintenance of the IT systems. In particular scalability, moves, adds and changes (MACs), availability of key product information and the ability to get the product in the shortest possible time is critical. Our partners, Corning Cable Systems are market.leaders in this field. Corning pre-terminated optical fiber and high-speed copper (Cat 6A and above) cabling systems designed to dramatically streamline the process of deploying an optical / high-speed copper networking infrastructure in the data center. This innovative, value-added system significantly reduces installation time and cost. Modular, pre-terminated components of the system are simple to configure and can be installed, connected and operational in a fraction of the time when com-pared to using conventional, field-terminated methods. The system’s polarity-maintaining modular components guarantee compatibility, flexibility and excellent system performance for all optical configurations. The universal wired modular components make networking moves, adds and changes simple, fast and easy to complete with minimum disruption to neighboring areas.

Nasma Installation Practice Nasma Data Center team’s experience in the IT field stretches back to the days of coax and twinax cables and has thus acquired, over the years, proper data cabling installation practice in accordance with industry standards and local regulations. This includes, among others

  • All cables will be laid on proper cable tray as per TIA-942 standards
  • The routing of all copper and fiber cabling will be in a different containment (suspended) in order to avoid any interference with the power cabling.
  • Patch panel and cables labeling follows ANSI/ TIA/EIA 606-A Standard
  • All cabling will be terminated as per ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A Standard and the supplier practice with proper and comprehensive labeling scheme
  • A certified testing result will be submitted for all installed cabling works