Telecommunications BU Portfolio


Nasma’s Telecom BU Portfolio provides end to end solutions that can be broadly categorized as follows:

1) Core Backbone/Transmission Solutions

  • DWDM, SDH, GPON, PON Systems
  • IP, MPLS, MPLS-TP Systems

2) Access Solutions

  • SDH, PDH, OTN, Carrier Grade Ethernet Systems
  • xDSL Systems
  • Satellite Communications Systems (VSAT)
  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Microwave Systems (SDH/PDH)

3).Last Mile Connectivity Solutions

  • Point-to-multipoint wireless broadband, LTE, WiMax
  • GSM-R and GPRS
  • VHF/UHF Trunked Radio Systems (Analog, MPT & TETRA)
  • VHF ground-to-air radio, VHF marine radio
  • HF-SSB Radio
  • RFID based asset.tracking Systems
  • PA/GA, PA/VA, intercom/paging
  • IPBX/PABX telephony, hotline, DECT
  • Structured cabling, outside plant cabling (copper and fibre)
  • Network monitoring and management systems
  • Master/Slave clock systems
  • Weather monitoring systems
  • Man down and Person On Board Systems
  • Industrial IT Infrastructure Systems (ruggedized switches, converters, routers, gateways)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPRS/GPS based)
  • Equipment Racks, Trunking Systems
  • Passive Cooled, Active Cooled and Hybrid Cooled Telecom Shelters
  • Power Supply Systems (UPS/Battery-Packs/Solar, DG Sets)
  • Telecom Towers and Masts (for microwave, CCTV, solar, PAGA etc)

4) Specialized Solutions

  • Digital Power Line Carrier and Teleportation Systems
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Systems (OPGW, ADSS, Wire Wrapped Fiber Solutions)
  • Pipeline Intrusion Detection and Pipeline Leak Detection Systems (for oil & gas, water, wastewater etc.)
  • Distributed Fiber Optic Based Temperature Sensing Systems (for oil & gas, electricity, water)
  • GPRS based water and power meters
  • Solar Based CCTV Systems
  • School Bus Monitoring Systems